Amazon is the search engine for online sales. Do you want to reach millions of online users?

We professionally manage your presence on Amazon and on selected sales platforms, increasing your online sales. The online purchase is preceded by a search which in 77% of cases takes place on Amazon. Users consult the platform before deciding whether to proceed with the purchase or not. The presence on the marketplaces is very important, and it becomes fundamental if we talk about Amazon.

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Our professional management



Once we have analyzed the sector and the competitors, we create a strategy, we open the profile and manage all its parts.



We study the descriptions of the products that must take into considerations several aspects, such ad the user, Amazon rules, and SEO settings.


SEO Optimization

Each text, especially the product data sheets need analysis and optimization. Keywords play a key role in visibility.


Advertising campaigns

The increase in sales depends on the visibility which is a matter not only of SEO but also of advertising. Ad hoc campaigns allow us to be more visible.

Seller Profile Creation

We study an accurate strategy to open and set profiles based on brand needs and product characteristics. Each text is optimized for maximum visibility in user searches

Advertising Campaign

We design, build and monitor advertising campaigns to increase the sales of your products. We define specific indicators and follow marketplace requests and rules to get the best results

Marketplaces are the winning choice for your business

What does it mean to be a seller on Amazon?

Every month more than 50 million Italians buy online and the research before the purchase isn’t on Google, but is on Amazon. Being present on this platform means having 300 million new potential customers, and a conversion rate of almost 15%. Amazon allows you to reach more customers and have more visibility and make more sales. As an Amazon Seller, you can also reach potential customers abroad, thus making your brand grow beyond national borders.

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What do you need to sell on Amazon?

Open an account like Seller on Amazon, upload your products, optimize your SEO profile and plan advertising campaigns. It is easy, but it must be done professionally to seize the business opportunities that offered. Very sensitive aspects must be set up, such as billing management, shipping logistics and returns policy. Monitoring the progress of sales in a timely manner and with indicators calibrated on your business is essential to optimize actions.

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