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Virtual Showroom

The virtual showroom allows brands to present their collections online, introducing the possibility of sharing emotional content such as product videos, but also shots of the fashion shows. In addition to the presence of images that allow an intuitive and immediate experience, there are detailed descriptions of the products that are presented in a simple and complete way. Buyers have a complete and detailed presentation of the products that allows them to make a first selection thanks also to the possibility of enriching the showroom with inspirational content.


The virtual showroom allows you to eliminate unnecessary travel, reduce the use of paper, thus decreasing the costs attributable to buying, facilitating the work of agents and the customer himself.  Inside the showroom it is possible to manage distributors and resellers from every country, creating specific price lists for each area.


The buyer can request virtual appointments with the brand, place orders from the platform without making transactions but completing a purchase that will end with the management of the order according to the policies and means used by the brand.


Tool for the communication

The emotional character of the showroom is put first, making it become more than just a virtual showcase and transforming it into a real communication channel to be integrated with the existing ones. For the brand it is possible to use this tool to create ad hoc content to be conveyed with promotional newsletters and push notifications generated directly from the virtual showroom.

Digital can support brands

Innovation can support the changes that are taking place in the fashion sector and beyond. The digital transformation is not just making digital the catalogs, but setting up platforms that are able to replicate and improve the relationships that take place between national and international sellers and buyers.
We should not think about a conflict between digital and physical world, but imagine as an harmonious combination at the service of the company that sees the two channels being integrated into a system. It is of fundamental importance in fact that the introduction of digital takes place gradually.


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